How To Be Headhunted As A Top Executive

Attaining your most desired job can sometimes be a tedious resultless process, especially when you don’t know how to do it right. However, there are a number of ways to increase your visibility to headhunters as a top executive; LinkedIn is one of them.    

Headhunting is a form of recruitment where the recruiter finds and selects a prospective candidate with relevant experience in a particular field of expertise. This style of recruiting can be done by HR executives, or recruitment agency representatives known as headhunters.

Working with a headhunter can be beneficial because they know what the hiring company is looking for. Furthermore, they could also give pointers on important factors such as tips for a successful interview, salary negotiation etc.   


5 Tips To Get Yourself On A Headhunter’s Radar

Knowing what to do to get headhunted can maximise your chances of getting your most desired dream job as a top executive.  Here are a few tips to help you become one of the top echelon of candidates, who headhunters alert when job opportunities arise.  

Update Your LinkedIn Profile 

It is important to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date. The more information headhunters have at their disposal about you, the better the chances of them finding you. It also helps the headhunter to understand your career history and how to position you to the hiring company.   

Have a Presentable Profile

Your LinkedIn profile should not only be up to date but also presentable. How you present your information is key, and can be used either in your favour or against you.  

Your profile speaks volumes about you, hence how you present it is very important as it can determine whether the headhunter will contact you or not. If you can’t put together a presentable profile imagine what the headhunter will think about your work and overall competence?  

Have an Attention Grabbing Profile

Your LinkedIn profile should be an attention grabber with keywords related to the kind of job you’re looking for. Use it to amplify your achievements and experiences. 

Include Your Contact Details  

Providing contact details like your email address or cell phone is crucial. If the recruiter calls and not get a hold of you, they will try other communication channels such as WhatsApp. If you receive a WhatsApp message from them requesting a discussion, be open to the discussion. 

Be Open to the Discussion

When a headhunter reaches out to you, they could suggest an informal discussion to talk to you when it’s convenient, always be open to the job opportunity they’re offering. The role they’re discussing might not be what you want at the time but meeting with them can be beneficial –  they could advise on other available opportunities of your interest. Don’t be quick to say no. First have a conversation before you write it off and after that you can weigh your options.  


Final Thoughts On Being Headhunted As A Top Executive

The headhunter’s mission is to match specific top talent with very particular top job openings; hence through preparation is essential. How you position yourself plays a vital role in determining whether you will be headhunted as a top executive. 

 Have you been headhunted before? What did you do to get yourself noticed by headhunters?  

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