Top Leadership Traits Of Best-Performing Executives

Identifying the top leadership traits of your best-performing executives is imperative because unlocking and leveraging their leadership potential can be beneficial for both organisational and personal growth. 

Leadership refers to the ability of an individual or an organisation to lead, guide and offer direction to others. Others in this regard could be individuals or groups of people or even entire organisations. 

In every organisation, there are employees who do their work exceptionally. This could be a result of various factors – leadership traits are one of them. The leadership traits are a balance of not only business acumen and performance but also a combination of character. 

Top Leadership Traits Of Best Performing Executives

Ever wondered why your best-performing executives excel at what they do? How they do it and what drives them to? Let us explore the top leadership traits that could the reason why.


They are courageous and this trait propels them to be proactive and take the lead in what they do, which makes them action-oriented. Even when challenges arise, they have the drive to face them; they thrive in challenging times. 


They take accountability for their actions, decisions, and performance among others because leaders own up to their responsibilities than avoiding them. They understand the essence of working with others and the shared responsibility that comes with it. 


Communication plays an integral part in leadership. Communicating well with others is a great skill that allows your best-performing executives to understand the status quo within the work environment and how to strategise and achieve desired goals. 


They understand no man is an island and that teamwork makes the dream work, hence are good at cooperating with others and working together to achieve and exceed desired results. 


They understand the direction the company wants to take and how they intend on achieving them as well as being aligned with the company’s mission and vision. Understanding this, they are driven to actively contribute and bring the desired outcome to life as they are interested in the team and the organisation’s agenda. Being aligned enables them to support their team.


A leader who is a visionary sees beyond the now and is more focused on seeing into the future, this enables them to be great at strategic planning and forecasting because they are ahead in their thinking.  


Trust is a crucial leadership trait and leaders should know that their word is their honour. Being consistent with their actions and words while listening to others develops a trustworthy environment where their teammates know they can rely on them. 


Serving others is one of the leadership responsibilities; leaders are approachable and respectful towards their teammates irrespective of job level. 

Final Thoughts On Top Leadership Traits

Remain eagle-eyed and observant of your best performers’ behaviour and then identify those traits, develop, nurture and use those skills to better your executives. You could start with a behavioural tracking mechanism where you monitor their leadership traits; a leadership potential watch so that when training and developing them, you know which areas to focus on. 

What mechanisms are you using to spot top leadership traits of your best-performing executives?

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