The African Talent Company

Proudly building Africa’s businesses with Africa’s own talent

About Us

We believe that Africa’s talent is her future, and we constantly strive to ensure that we leverage Africa’s talent.

A company is only as good as its staff on any given day,
as such, we believe that the human resource is the most valuable resource in Africa.

Our team is spread out across 8 countries, and growing.
We are well-versed in understanding and solving the complex challenges in Africa today and we take pride in delivering the right people for the right job; thereby ensuring our clients’ growth and continued success in Africa.



We offer Fit For Purpose solutions, providing bespoke
solutions to your distinctive needs.

Talent Acquisition

Using our superior sourcing abilities we are able to procure the finest talent in Africa who have been thoroughly assessed and surpass both organizational and industry standards
by a mile.


Our Consulting unit works with your company to manage staff assets for maximum business success and growth, learning and organisational design and competency profiling services from recruitment stage till the finish.

Data Analysis

The power to pinpoint talent, explore leadership options, increase employee engagement and thereby impacting the earnings of an organization resides in Data analytics. We have harnessed that power through our remarkable use and knowledge of analytical tools and processes.

Technology Solutions

We have sophisticated Applicant tracking systems and assessment products that
can efficiently get you the best talent there
is in Africa.

Build Your Career With Us