Welcome to Executive Recruitment, redefined.

We are The African Talent Company, also known as TATC.  As a Pan-African brand, we pride ourselves in building Africa’s businesses with Africa’s own talent and we have carefully redesigned our service offerings to match Africa’s unique HR requirements.  We now offer Fit For Purpose solutions, tailored to your bespoke HR needs.

Over the last year, we have grown our team of seasoned HR specialists across our respective geographies who are passionate about Africa’s growth and well-versed in understanding and solving the complex challenges in Africa today.  Most importantly, we all at the TATC take pride in delivering the right people for the right job; thereby ensuring our clients’ growth and continued success in Africa.

Are you an employer?  Have a look at our services, then connect with us today and we will help analyse your requirements, provide you with bespoke HR solutions and unlock the potential of your team.

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