Interviews: Why Do You Interview?

Interviewing candidates is an essential component of the hiring process. If executed well, it helps you to determine if the candidate fits well into your organisation, whether their experience, skills, and personality match the job description and so forth.

An interview is a meeting between an employer/HR profession and a candidate face to face, telephonically or virtually. It occurs in the form of an in-depth conversation where the two exchange information to determine whether they both meet each other’s requirements.

Goal Of The Interview

It is important to ensure that you’re well informed and equipped with the most effective methods to conduct interviews. The goal of the interview is not just about skills and qualifications; but also about a number of well-rounded factors such as:

  • To be able to predict or estimate what the candidate will do in a given set of circumstances.
  • To identify the skills and attributes the candidate brings to the job.
  • To see and assess how well they will fit into the organisation, in addition to  their personality traits, etc.

There is more that goes into an interview than actually sitting down with the candidate and having a conversation. You need to understand that candidates either meet with you after their normal work hours or have to lie to attend interviews – this is the norm.  

A great employee doesn’t just fill a slot on the organisation’s chart. A great employee solves at least one critical business need. So while credentials, qualifications, and experience are important, thus as an HR professional, never forget you’re not hiring for a position; you’re hiring for a result.


Candidates Are Also Interviewing You

Always remember that the interview is not only about candidates. Candidates are also interviewing you; hence effective interview methods are of the essence as they enable candidates to determine whether their skills will be put to good use and if the company culture is conducive for their career prospects and overall employment needs.

It is mandatory for you to prepare tremendously, from the interview technique to use, to drafting comprehensive structured questions, doing thorough research on the candidate before the interview commences. Avoid ineffective interviews in the form of common mistakes such as:

  • Interview being canceled on the day which leads to Brand damage.
  • How you show up to the interview. Are you engaging and listening?
  • Scrambling for candidate’s CV and information as you have not adequately prepared for the interview etc.

Final Thoughts On Why You Interview

Preparation is key. You should have a clear objective of how and why your company handles the interview process, and once you have identified a comprehensive structure, execute accordingly. Thorough preparation will help you get the best out of the interview.


That said, what is your organisation’s objective when doing interviews? We would like to hear from you.

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