Using our sourcing tactics to sift through the job market more to procure the finest talents in Africa who have been thoroughly assessed and surpass both organizational and industry standards by a mile.

We understand the unique branding and corporate hiring practices of each organization and we use this knowledge to deliver truly exceptional Specialized, Mass, Executive, and International recruitment services.

Specialized Recruitment

Finding the perfect fit for your company whatever your specialty is one thing we can guarantee because we take our time to know your culture and the industry you are in. Through our experiences and expertise in different industries, we know exactly how to recruit the best technical and hard-to-find white collar roles for your company.

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Mass Recruitment

We pride ourselves on being able to fill diverse roles in different industries on a daily basis with competent talents. Our large database and reach in Africa ensures that we never run out of qualified candidates for mass recruitments, be it Graduate/Entry en mass or Government civil service recruitment.

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Executive Recruitment

Being able to headhunt for highly qualified individuals to fill Senior and Executive roles is a competency we own. We have unlimited resources at our disposal to identify and recruit the best candidates for C Level Roles for your organization.

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International Recruitment

Our rich international network of investors and job sites across Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America avails us the opportunities to deliver the most competent international recruits for both local and international organizations. Whatever your focus is, whether it is sending staff abroad, repatriating talents, or sourcing from local communities, If we can’t fulfil your African talent needs, we doubt anyone can.

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  • Cynthia Kara
    I have been very satisfied with the service TATC offers. The consultants at TATC are hands on recruiters.
    Cynthia Kara
    Executive Director
  • Lola Cole
    TATC Rocks! The consultants truly take their time to understand the business, the culture, the role and the market in which we operate.
    Lola Cole
    Recruitment Consultant
  • Shola Balogun
    By far, the best executive recruitment experience I've had. Hats off!
    Shola Balogun