The power to pinpoint talents, explore leadership options, increase employee engagement and thereby impacting the earnings of an organization resides in HR Data analytics and we have harnessed that power through our remarkable use and knowledge of HR analytical tools and processes.

We have prodigious strength in Data Mining, Salary Survey, Salary Benchmarking, Research on Salary and Industry trends, Data Analysis for HR Performance Improvement and HR Analytics.

Salary Survey

We create tools to help you make objective salary and remuneration decisions which will make you stand out in the industry. Taking advantage of our extensive reach and outlets in different countries in Africa to provide you with current, fair and competitive salary survey for specific positions that will best your industry standards and practices.

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Compensation & Benefit Planning

We implement tactical employee compensation and benefits schemes that works best with your mode of operation. This scheme includes several facets such as remuneration packages, commissions and rewards programs, work benefits and other perks. Pulling off successful compensation and benefits strategies comes natural to us due to our rich experiences and assets.

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  • Cynthia Kara
    I have been very satisfied with the service TATC offers. The consultants at TATC are hands on recruiters.
    Cynthia Kara
    Executive Director
  • Lola Cole
    TATC Rocks! The consultants truly take their time to understand the business, the culture, the role and the market in which we operate.
    Lola Cole
    Recruitment Consultant
  • Shola Balogun
    By far, the best executive recruitment experience I've had. Hats off!
    Shola Balogun