The creative liberty that comes with online job posting also comes with a candidate avalanche

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When you don’t have the time to sift through upwards of 3000 applications for your job posting for a new Account Executive, the last thing you want to do is post that opportunity on the internet. Yet, it’s what 85% of HR professionals would do.  As at March 2017, 3 out of 4 professionals claim to use social networks to look for potential candidates.

Posting online comes with a certain creative liberty. Companies with a good grasp of employer branding go as far as post bold ads online like this one:














And this one:


















These ads command admiration from the online multitude, we have to admit. But they come with a rash of applications that don’t fit the expectations of the company.

There are traces of relevance to online job posting (including posting on job boards and serious social media websites like LinkedIn), but HR professionals can save everyone a lot of time and hassle when they deploy a targeted approach to recruitment.

“Getting executive talent on board requires an intentional sniper-type approach to the sourcing strategy”

As a company recruiting executive talent for the top percentile of companies in Africa, we’ve come to understand that while online job posting can buff up employer branding, getting executive talent on board requires an intentional sniper-type approach to the sourcing strategy.

An avalanche of applications is the last thing HR wants to worry about when the company has a gaping talent hole at the center of the ship.

But that’s not the only challenge with recruiting online.

Recruiting online demands that the company hold a tight reign on the sourcing value chain including but not limited to the first posting online, onto the offer’s landing page, the company’s  website and the technology of the application process.

All these delicate elements, when not properly managed, provide opportunities for top talent to leak out of your sourcing pipeline. When a top talent, for instance, is confronted with an unattractive company website, he is likely to reconsider his desire to work for the brand. A targeted approach working with a specialized recruitment agency, on the other hand, will have a vastly different result. Such agency would manage talent expectations setting the right tone for the talent to see beyond the scruffy exterior of a brand into the valuable core of the business.

Today, most companies are only ready (or capable) to handle posting openings to job sites and on social media, but not the hard work of maintaining the interest of top talent through the sourcing funnel. And rightly so, unlike a data-powered specialized recruitment agency, they are not built for the task.

In a business landscape that is moving faster than ever, HR professionals need to move even faster with targeted and managed recruiting.

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